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Why Join?

There are a number of exclusive benefits that come with joining our family. You’ll get to have your say to shape our clan – so if you’ve always wanted something changed, this’ll be your chance. You’ll also get to participate in ‘in-clans’ – fun internal clan wars offering you the opportunity to get to know our members a little better. You’ll also receive a ‘max-join’ password on being accepted, ensuring you no longer have to wait to join a full server. Most important, however, is that you’ll be a part of the Forever United family – the very best place to experience SWAT 4 in a chilled out and friendly environment. We really hope you’ll want to join us!

Joining Forever United

Joining Forever United is easy. Simply follow the steps outlined below.
We manage applications to our clan through GameTracker and through our forums. You’ll need to register for both of these before you can apply to become a member.
– Go to the GameTracker website, and register an account.
Navigate to our forums, and register an account. Consider introducing yourself so our members get to know you better.
– Go to our GameTracker page and click on the ‘apply’ button. Include your in-game name with your application.
– That’s it!
Your application will then be considered by our clan members. As we are a democratic clan, our members will discuss their observations on your maturity, gameplay, command of the English language, etc. If our members decide that you’ll fit in with our community, you’ll be accepted, and this will be reflected on our forum and on our GameTracker page. The time it takes for this varies depending on your activity but may take up to three weeks. If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our server, on our forums, or via Evolve for individual clan members.

Interesting Fact: We have members from over 25 different countries across 4 continents. Is your country represented?

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