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Hall of Shame

Fair play on Forever United

We want everyone to have a great time on our server, and importantly, for everyone to game on a level playing field. For that reason, we take cheating very seriously.

Players who are caught cheating are not only permanently banned from our server, but are also added to our Hall of Shame. This serves an important purpose in assuring our genuine players that the admin team take their role seriously, and are committed to maintaining a cheat-free server, and the best possible gaming environment for you to enjoy.

The message then, is clear: We DO NOT tolerate any form of cheating (this includes bug abuse), and if caught, you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED.

For the majority of players on our server, none of the above will be of concern, and you can continue to have fun playing on our server.

So, now it’s time to click a video, sit back, and enjoy, as you watch how our skillful admins ban cheater after cheater – this is Forever United’s Hall of Shame!


Special thanks to AmonAmarth and the superadmin/admin teams for taking the time to make and publish these videos.



Clan Hall of Shame