How to make an unban request

You think you are banned by mistake in our server? Tell us.
Keep in mind; we're all humans and we all make mistakes!
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How to make an unban request

Post by rozz_vanity » 17 Jan 2016, 00:04

Are you banned for whatever reason?
You want to know why you are banned and ask for unban?
Well this is the section for you!!

However, since we had countless of the most insane written unban requests, here a some guidelines/tips to keep in mind when writing a topic here:
  • Think before you write
  • Write in English. If its troublesome for you, try to let someone help you with that. Try to resist using translators for long sentences, it just doesn't work well. We have nothing against other languages, but its the most known language to most of us.
  • Make sure you give the right information, the correct name under which you got banned and the right ip
  • We need an ip to unban (seriously, I put it here for a reason..), send the ip you are banned on by personal message or if you don't care just in the post
  • Don't ever lie
  • Be reasonable and don't insult. Insulting us won't make us scared or unban you. Guilty or not, it won't help your case
  • Believe it or not, but we are humans to! So keep that in mind if you gonna ask for unban. Try to understand the perspective of the admin who banned you (in the case it is a mistake ban). Better yet, give the kind of feedback that is actually usefull to the admin so he won't make same mistake again in the future.
  • Even if for whatever reason the heat goes up, try to remain calm. Like in real life, people will give you more benefit of the doubt if you keep reasonable. All admins/superadmins/managers and leaders have a say in this section. So even if you have a personal conflict with the admin in question, others can step in
  • Check forum regularly if there has been a response. Making a topic to ask unban and not checking for a week or so or even more is not helping your case(if you don't care, we won't care)
  • We want to make it as fair as possible. Help us help you (ye ye it sounds stupid, but I mean it)
  • We will try to give you our answer within 24 hours, or at the latest, 48 hours. If this is not done, leader or managers can and will decide to unban your ip, since we do want it to be as fair as possible.
    However if the ban does turn out to be deserved, it can be rebanned.
Special note

Lately, our server can often be the only server of the game with players playing on it at any given hour. We as a clan want to deal with this fact in a responsible manner. The decision to ban a player should not be taken lightly. We WILL keep this in mind and we will remind our admins of this.
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