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Re: Discord reached the 4U-Family

Post by Alex » 16 Apr 2017, 14:42

METALLER wrote:¿What are the rules for using the radio channel in Discord?
Well there are no rules generally :D What you are not allowed to do in Radio Channel is simply blocked :P. (Your not allowed to speak in this room)

METALLER wrote:¿are members allowed to use it?
Its open for every user who has any rank on Discord (Include Clan Friends)

METALLER wrote:how many songs can a member set per day?
Unlimited lol... With the new Bot (FredBoat) you can even add whole youtube playlists (I tested it, you can add a playlist with 500 songs lol)

METALLER wrote:in this moment radio isnt working for me, why?
Well, the Bot was may down. If you use ;;play songtitle it should work. The Eris Synthax is turned off but everything is basically written in the announcent channel on Discord.
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