How To Avoid Forum "Spam Emails"

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How To Avoid Forum "Spam Emails"

Post by JoJo » 24 Jan 2014, 11:56

Do you wanna avoid getting lots of spam mails from our forum every day? If you answered yes and got this problem, keep on reading the post.


As a new forum user (if you wanna aviod getting an email every time someone has been posting in a topic where you've been posting in), go to preferences and choose "NO" where it says: "Always notify me of replies:"


If you've done what was told above and if you didn't post any posts already, you should never get any email when anyone been posting in a topic where you've been posting in.

Step 2 only necessary if you're not a "new" forum user. (Have been posting and got this problem).


Make sure you've done STEP 1. Then go to notifications. Unmark "A new post in a watched topic."


Now, to get rid of the already "watched topics" go to "Topic(s) being watched." If you have any topics in that list, mark them all and click on "Stop watching the selected topics."


After you've done that, I can promise you'll never get any more emails from our forum regarding topics messages! :)

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Re: How To Avoid Forum "Spam Emails."

Post by Rappy » 24 Jan 2014, 14:13

Tnx :D

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