[ENG] Rules And Codes of Conduct [VIP SERVER] [11/11/2016]

Instructions how to become a 4U clan member.
As well as our server rules.
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[ENG] Rules And Codes of Conduct [VIP SERVER] [11/11/2016]

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These are the rules of 4U and I suggest you all read them and make sure you understand them! If you do not understand, ask! To be a member of Forever United is a privilege and should not be taken lightly. Take pride in your membership and act as a good representative of the clan! Always obey the rules stated below! If you as a member do not, why should others?
§1 Everyone is equal! The rules stated below apply to everyone, regardless of membership and/or rank! Everyone is to obey all rules at all times!
§2 Treat others with respect! To avoid trouble, misunderstandings and hurt feelings think hard about your choice of words and watch your tone. People come to our server to have fun, not to be insulted. Words like boob and nub might be funny to use but can also be seen as condescending, therefore you are advised not to use such words. Instead of insulting people try to, in a friendly manner, encourage them to do better next time.
§3 Play fair! Do not hack, cheat, abuse bugs or use macro's. This also includes the use of the console commands that change game-play!
§4 Do not ask admins to take action! The admins do their best to enforce rules but it is a time consuming task, give admins the player's name and rule violation and they will make sure to take appropriate action.
To members: If you want to help the admins out ask them to spectate you so you report what you see! Before you make a complaint to admin make sure you have enough proof, the worst thing that can happen on-line to someone is that he/she gets wrongfully kicked and/or banned!
§5 Camping is not allowed! Camping is when a player stays at the same place for more than five (5) seconds. There is one exception from this rule and that is when a captured VIP is visible (see below for important information regarding this exception).VIP is ALLOWED to camp.
§6 Shooting through windows is allowed! Camping at a window, like camping in general, is strictly forbidden!

§7 Do not hurt team-mates! Do not flash, sting, gas, tase, pepper, beanbag or shoot other members of the team.
§8 Respect the other team's respawn! Spawn killing is not allowed and spawn points are to be consider protected areas for at least 5 seconds after each respawn.Gasing, flashing, stinging the other teams spawn is forbidden. Roaming (moving but staying close to spawn on purpose) and camping near spawn is also forbidden. Do never enter the other teams spawn point! There are, however, exceptions from this rule (see exceptions below)! Make sure to read them, breaking this rule will result in immediate action from admins.

§9 The server language is English and English only! Do not communicate on server chat in any other language than English. The usage of other languages are only allowed if it is necessary for explaining rules and warning players. For other purposes use Xfire!

§10 Do not spam in chat or radio in any way! Typing the same message is allowed three (3) times at the most, this includes radio (in-game voice commands). Do not flood chat with different kinds of actions like changing team or name etcetera.

§11 Use a proper name!
  • Colored names are not allowed!
  • Using names that admins find inappropriate is not allowed! Impersonating another player is not allowed!
  • 4U members are not allowed to play with undercover names unless permission has been given by managers!
§5 Camping is not allowed! - The exception - Vision of captured VIP
To have vision of VIP means that you are able to see him yourself and not through someones camera.
To have vision of VIP also means that you can not hide at a place were you have to move (walking leaning and/or sidestepping etcetera) to gain vision.
You can camp without having vision of VIP if he is within a distance of five (5) meters.
If you camp make sure you follow the VIPs movement since it can make a legal camp illegal. This is probably something the VIP will be most eager to do, so beware!
Window camping is allowed as long as all conditions stated above are met!
§8 Respect the other team's spawn! - Exceptions and clarifications
To begin with VIP is a special player and therefore does not have to obey certain rules.This means that VIP is allowed to enter respawn point and/or nade and kill respawning players.Entering spawn is a risky operation and SWAT is NOT allowed to follow VIP into the respawn point.
If VIP would happen to get caught in, or while captured move into, a respawn point the following rules apply:
SWATs' respawn: If VIP is hiding in SWATs' respawn the suspects are allowed to enter respawn and kill respawning players as well as camping in and outside spawn in order to protect the the visible and captured VIP. Nading SWATs' respawn is never allowed!

Suspects' respawn:
Spawn killing is allowed if VIP is visible or within taser range regardless of him/her being captured or not.
SWAT is allowed to enter, camp and kill inside the suspects' respawn point in order to save the captured VIP. Note that VIP has to be visible for spawn camp to be allowed! Nading the suspects' respawn area is never allowed! Once VIP has been freed no covering of VIP is allowed from inside the respawn area!
VIP is advised to stay out of all spawns, even though it is legal! Our sever rules do not favor VIP when inside spawn and entering spawn will only cause trouble for SWAT team. To avoid this VIP is recommended to always stay out of spawns!
Entering spawn in order to save VIP is a risky operation since the rules are not in your favor! Be careful and make sure you follow VIP's movement and leave spawn as soon as he has been freed. Players that lag behind may get punished without warning! It is your responsibility to make sure you follow these rules, breaking them results in a very disruptive game-play and admins will take action immediately!
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Re: Rules And Codes of Conduct [VIP SERVER] Last Update: 11/11/2016

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