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About Forever United

Forever United was founded by JoJo in Febuary of 2012 and can currently boast of having approximately 50 members form all across the world. Our main goal is not to become the number-one clan in which all members are pros, but instead to achieve a good atmosphere, both inside and outside the server. In other words we strive to create a place where one can hang out, meet new people, and play. Does this sound like something for you? Don’t hesitate – apply and join our community, we are always looking for more friends!


A little bit of history

Forever United has its roots in Ultimate Force, founded by Andy & Massey and Ultimate Force Forever, founded by MrElie. The latter of these clans was created in order to revive the remains of the disbanded Ultimate Force. Disagreements between MrElie and some of the managers, however, soon led to a split and Forever United was born with JoJo as founder/leader. In the summer of 2015, JoJo decided to leave the clan, actually leaving the game completely. He handed over full leadership to DoctorEx, who today leads the clan together with AmonAmarth and the managers. JoJo continues to oversee the clan as moderator.

Today our clan has many active members, both on our forums and on our server, with our server being full most of the day. For us this is essential since we strive towards creating a friendly community in which people can hang out and kill time while improving their gameplay at the same time. We are not looking for the best players, neither is our primary goal to become the best clan, we simply hope to bring people together!

As above, if this sounds like something for you, do not hesitate, we are always looking for more friends! Skills are not of importance, as long as you follow the rules(!), we believe everyone can improve and that the best place to do that is among friends!

Games we play

  • img Swat 4
  • img Battlefield 3
  • img Clash of Clans