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Welcome to Forever United

Welcome to the Forever United clan website, your source for everything SWAT 4. We hope you enjoy your stay. If you’re new around here, don’t forget to head on over to our forums and introduce yourself – we’re always keen to meet new players.

For one-click access to our SWAT 4 server, simply click here (note you’ll need to have GameTracker Lite installed for one-click access to work). If you would prefer to access our server directly, simply click ‘Direct IP’ on the SWAT 4 join menu, and enter

Time Zones

  • DST (GMT+1): 12-07-2020 17:34
  • CEST (GMT +2): 12-07-2020 18:34
  • PDT (GMT -7): 12-07-2020 09:34
  • EDT (GMT -4): 12-07-2020 12:34